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    +5 si ton VIP bb

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  • Anonyme

    Hummmmm trop sexy vient en pv je suis pompier et tres ouvrrt

  • Vous êtes divine Mademoiselle Marion, je suis à vos pieds et à vos ordres...

  • " La bonnasse " xD

  • alona1770

    So after such a busy Saturday ....

    And after the hours I slept, and I rolled over in my bed

    Thinking of you staring at me running pictures

    Our head together ... alone ...

    Not special but I decided that I decided

    This pain is not worth the anticipation and foraging

    What was what it was ... and why it all happened

    I decided that despite the sharp pain .. I would hate you

    Maybe so ... I'll let you out of my head
    It is so thin boundary between hate love

    And a minute before making the decision (something pathetic)

    Again in my mind all those nights of love

    Our arms around each other on top of the world make love taps

    Tsokh..mblgnim bedding and dampened

    .. The nectar love our laughter before, during and after ... the breakfasts pampering you handed me the red rose in the morning Lmhrt..am God knows what you'd achieved it fresh and red ...

    Your kisses were these fantastic my ass .. they melt me ​​and deconstruct me a thousand little pieces ... and Mhoiicot..hltifot ... I love this language which was wreaking havoc Bgofi..hiit draws me love my body and curved Hmtzomrr

    Your endless hugs ... the nicknames we ..mcnim the love .... Our ...

    My breasts were begging for your touch and Fitmotii lift of stimulation my body .... was

    Begging for love .. love .. love ... eat you

    Not expressed ... choke on !!!!

    How can such love to hate ...

    Hate you for who loves ..ahbti ..

    Hate all those memories that give respite

    ... Tortured my soul hates Htztmrrot rates

    When you dream

    But you can not hate you Dummett can not ....

    Alona horny.